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Guardian Of The Hills PART 3

He lay in the semi darkness, watching the reflection of the light coming from outside dance off the white ceiling as he contemplated the life before him. Just a few minutes ago, he had gotten into an argument with his girlfriend Jata over their future. Jata was a student he had met in his second year at Cambridge. Half British and half Kenyan, she was the only child of her divorced mother who lived fifty miles away in London. Jata had never been to Africa. Her Kenyan father had walked out of her life when she was two, taking away her African identity. Jata had always confessed to him that she felt more white than black and even though she was a member of the Network for African development, a society which brought them together in his second year on campus, she was reluctant to call herself Kenyan.

“So my mother says my dad is Kikuyu.” She once told him, playing with the long hair that fell across her shoulders as they sat in his room one fine February morning in his third year. “I tell her she is Jewish and that is all that matters to me.”

Ken had given up trying to make her embrace her African identity by the time he was nearing graduation and they wouldn’t stop arguing about his plans to return back to Nigeria. They had reached a sort of compromise. Ken had vowed to be back to the United Kingdom after one month but he had underestimated his own parents. Now his plans had changed and he told Jata this when she called an hour ago. Their conversation had ended on a grim note.

“It is over!” his girlfriend of two years declared tearfully before cutting off the call. Ken had been unable to sleep since then. He picked the remote control off the side table beside him. The flat screen television came alive immediately, lighting up his living room. He flipped through channels with a bored look on his face. Soon he was no longer looking at the charging lion that attacked a buffalo on Discovery channel, but was instead appraising his surroundings. The apartment was the only thing about his old life in Nigeria that had changed. The semi detached duplex was just beside the main house. His parents had it built in anticipation of his arrival and he was somewhat grateful to them for that.

He longed for his own apartment, far from his childhood home, but still he felt the duplex was a good start. The three bedroom duplex boasted one master bedroom, one guest room and a store room where most of the luggage that housed the paraphernalia from his four year journey at Cambridge stood in several lines. The living room was painted in deep cream tones. The velvet sofa where he sat was brown. The room was livened with the brown, mint green, orange and cream colours of the decorative sofa pillows which his feet were propped against.

The three seater was curved so that it appeared to be framing the clear glass center table before it. The shiny chrome legs of the table passed through a circular cushion base and met the shiny tiled floor. A shallow steel bowl shaped like a sea shell with orange insides stood on it. The curtains covering the floor-to-ceiling windows were a mix of mint green and yellow chiffon. A green area rug covered the middle of the living room. The television sat on a black stand with two silver tower speakers standing beside it.

Ken took this all in, and tried not to pay attention to the bleak picture of his future that stared him in the face. Jata was gone, and so was his freedom. He settled back in the sofa and courted sleep.

Guardian Of The Hills PART 2

The house was quiet now. Ken could not help feeling a little tired as he walked into the living room. He paused by the wall of the living room, feeling for the light switch in the darkness but changed his mind at the last minute. The light coming from the compound outlined the furniture so that he could see the single sofa of the sparsely decorated room.

“Not so dark,” he muttered to himself, twisting to avoid the flat base of the lamp stand that rose high above him to hang over the center table. He settled into the sofa with a sigh. Homecoming wasn’t easy. It was just as he expected. His parents were still the same.

“You are not a child any longer,” his mother told him the morning after his return home as he lay on his bed, trying to sleep off the last traces of jet lag. “It is expected that you get married soon.”

Ken had listened to her with a meek expression on his face, even though every muscle in his body was knotted with tension. He knew she was trying to market the daughter of another acquaintance of hers and it irked him to no end. There had been several other “wonderful” choices she lined up in the past years. Then, it was as if he every holiday at home came with a new girlfriend as part of the package. She had been disappointed when he had fallen in love in school. Now that he was finished with that chapter of his life, she was back to testing her matchmaking skills again. Ken could not help feeling as if he was constantly under a microscope. He felt vulnerable, like a wriggling worm exposed to the harsh glare of light.

His father hadn’t been any better. Just this morning, he had summoned Ken to the main house, a white fifteen room mansion with terracotta roof.

“You should resume duties tomorrow,” his old man had told him, sitting on his favourite black leather recliner in his spacious black and white styled living room, his hand on the controls of the hand rest as he pushed down a button to push up the lever supported leg rest. “My secretary has already set an office in the company.” He had looked up from the phone on his hand at Ken. “I expect you to move the company ahead with the knowledge you gained at school.”

So that was it. His fate was sealed. Sometimes it seemed as if his parents already had his life planned out before he was even conceived. First was the boarding house in Otta when he was barely four years old. Then Atlantic hall came and he was shipped off to Epe. By the time he was in his final year at secondary school, he had fun trying to guess the next move his parents would pull. They hadn’t disappointed. As usual, they were shoving an application form down his throat. This time it was Cambridge and the city was to be his home for the next four years. Now he was back and wished his parents had another application form to wave before his face. He was missing the freedom that came from being away from his family.

Guardian Of The Hills PART 1

The Hills

The branches of the trees trembled as the wind moved through them, making a small whistling sound. Down the hill, beside the river where the men worked, bringing down some ageing cocoa trees with their cutlasses, there was singing as the swish swish of the men’s cutlasses filled the afternoon air. One of them was calling to his colleague standing beside an old battered Ford pickup truck in the middle of the large clearing where they worked.

“Hey, abeg Chima, help me pass the gallon of water.” He said, stopping to wipe the sheen of sweat on his forehead with the sleeve of the shirt tied across his waist. “These villagers sef,” he said, as he collected the small blue plastic gallon container his colleague passed to him. “Dem too dey fear everything.”

His statement seemed to tickle the rest of the working party and they laughed as the severed limbs of the trees were arranged into a neat pile on the bed of the truck. The men continued their task of clearing the land, unaware of the wind that moved in their direction. A bird squawked somewhere close to where the men worked, beating a feathery retreat at the advance of the chill wind.

“Dem say nobody for their village dey come this place. Say one kain spirit dey here,” The one called Chima said with a loud guffaw. “Yeye people.”

“No mind dem.” The one who had drunk water from the gallon said, swinging his cutlass in the air for another strike at the root of another tree and just as he did, his eyes caught a movement in the bushes in front of him. He straightened, the cutlass hanging limply beside him. The words froze on his lips as he saw something appear and disappear in the bushes. He blinked, realizing that he was staring at a ghost like apparition. He opened his mouth to warn the others of their new guest but the words froze on his lips. When the villagers told them about the guardian, he and his friends had dismissed it with a laugh. He wasn’t laughing now. The thing was moving in his direction. Large and shapeless, it seemed to float but Peter couldn’t be so sure. His mind had stopped functioning. He could only feel the paralyzing fear. He watched, eyes bulging in their sockets as the thing changed form. The others felt the wind approach and looked up.

“Na rain be dat?” A stocky fellow on the far side of the clearing asked, dropping his cutlass and standing hand on hips. He saw his open mouthed colleague, standing frozen in the middle of the clearing. “Oga Peter, na wetin?”

Peter continued to stare at the thing that stood before him now. He could feel the hair on his skin stand. The thing was so close he could see into the dark pools that observed him coolly. He couldn’t tell if it was male or female. The long face was almost feminine but the sinister smile on its face was far from reassuring. Was this the guardian that the villagers talked about? The one that guarded the hills? The thing was turning to look at his colleagues.

“Peter!!!” Someone in the crowd called again in alarm.

The man jolted as if struck by something and then turned with wild eyes to the rest of the party. His mouth moved wordlessly and spittle gathered at the corners.

“Una no dey see am?” his question came out as a scream. Visibly alarmed, the men looked among themselves as Peter began pointing to the direction of the man on his left. “E dey come for your side,” he screamed again. The men were beginning to scan the forest in fear.

Peter began to mumble incoherently, his body jerking as he rocked back on his heels. The man he pointed to was just about to open his mouth to say something when his eyes glazed over. He began to shake, his body convulsing with terror. The wind had gathered momentum now and an eerie sound was coming from somewhere deep in the forest. The rest of the party decided they had seen enough. They dropped their cutlasses and scampered into the thick bushes, abandoning their old pick up truck and leaving their two comrades behind.

4 Reasons Why People Use Writing Assistance Services

So you want to use online services to give you writing assistance. Fair enough, you’ve already weighed up the pros and cons of your decision and whether or not you are affected by the ethical question. But what are you actually going to get from writing assistance online?

In this article we are going to look at what you actually get for your money and whether the risk is worth it because forewarned is forearmed no?

One of the best reasons to use these services is due to the feedback that students receive. Ok, we all know that there are people out there who use these services to pass courses but there are some who genuinely use it for help with their own custom paper writing service. Professional writing assistance can guide somebody who isn’t the best at putting down their ideas in a logical order on paper.

Many of the really good services provide the opportunity to speak to the writer who is assisting you. Again this one to one feedback situation can only improve a person’s writing skills.

Affordable prices
Though prices do range from high to low and you do get what you pay for, they are on the whole affordable. You need to do some background checking of your own to be 100% sure who you’re dealing with but they are value for money. On average the price is around $9.5 per page but they will vary.

Plagiarism free
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A variety of subject expertise
Due to the fact that these companies, the good ones anyway, employ hundreds if not thousands of professional writers from all over the academic field. This means that there really is no subject that they can’t write about.

These are just four examples of reasons why people choose online writing services and why they are so popular. Other services like 24 help lines, free revision policies, and guaranteed deadline delivery just compound the argument further.

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